Melanosporum S.L. can recompile data about the blocking habits of users of the website through cookies or records. The cookies will not be used to collect information of a personal nature. They will only be installed if the User remains and continues surfing on our website, it which case it will be understood that the user consents to their use and installation. Below we provide detailed information about what cookies are, the type of cookies used by this website, how they can be disabled on the browser and how to specifically block third party cookies.

What are cookies? Cookies are small text files generated by the web pages that the User visits, containing the session data that might be useful further down the web page. The data allow the web page to transfer information between pages in addition to controlling the interaction with the site. Cookies are safe as they only store the information  placed on the browser by the User or that included on the page request. They cannot execute code and cannot be used to access the User’s equipment. Cookies are essential for the working of the internet, providing numerous advantages as regards services, easy surfing and page usability. Cookies cannot harm the equipment and their activity helps to identify and remedy errors.

Cookie types  Below we provide more information to enable better understanding of the different types of cookie that may be employed. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain in the browsercooke file until the web side is left, so than none are recorded in the user’s hard drive. The information obtained by means of these cookies is used to analyse traffic on the web. Over time, this facilitates a better experience by controlling content and easing use.. – Permanent Cookies are stored in the hard drive and the web site reads them every time it is revisited. Despite its name, a permanent cookie has a set expiry date. The cookie will stop working after that date. They are generally used to enhance the different services offered by the website.

Below we publish a report of the main cookies used on our web, distinguishing between :

– Cookies that are strictly necessary, such as those that are used to ensure correct navigation or cookies to ensure the web page loads effectively .

– Third party cookies, such as those used by social networks, or for external complementary contents.

– Analytical cookies whose purpose is to allow periodic maintenance to guaranty the best possible user experience through the collection of the statistical data arising from the website activity.

List and description of cookies.  The table published below shows the previously described cookies used in our web pages :


Cookie management:

Complementary guarantees. All Internet search engines permit  control of the behaviour of a cookie or deactivation the cookies within the settings of the search engines options. The different steps to follow to do so vary for each search engine, the instructions can be found in the help menu of each one.

Many search engines permit the user to privately interact so that cookies are always erased after the visit. This private option can have different names depending on the search engine.

Below is a list of the most common browsers with a link to the cookie settings and the different names of this “private mode” :